A conversation between Martina Schiffer-Gottfried and Armin Alic

Welcome to Talking Spirits Podcast #4…

My guest today is the communication and advertising expert, music lover and part-time bassist Martina Schiffer-Gottfried.
I met Martina in my hometown Wuppertal, Germany, couple of years ago in my, when she was just starting playing bass, and we became friends pretty quickly.

The conversation you are about to listen to was recorded on April 19th of 2020 and we are discussing Martina´s multi-cultural upbringing, advertising nowadays, Martina´s love towards music and the bass, the importance of networking, life-changing events and many more interesting topics.

Talking to Martina was a huge pleasure:
we really enjoyed this very insightful conversation and are wishing you a pleasant stay at Talking Spirits Podcast #4.


00:00:00 Intro
00:01:27 Multi-cultural upbringing
00:05:05 Working in advertising
00:08:39 The difference between effective and poor advertising
00:13:46 The meaning of music & fascination with the bass
00:15:41 Networking & people skills
00:19:36 Music vs. Music Business
00:23:30 Changes within the music business
00:26:32 Travels 
00:29:28 Black music scene of Los Angeles
00:31:24 Dream destinations & the effects of traveling
00:33:55 How a traffic accident can change one´s life
00:43:18 Change of perceptions through a traumatic experience
00:45:56 Multi-tasking & the effects of stress
00:47:40 Effects of Covid-19 on economy and the music business 00:50:39
00:52:52 Money
00:57:33 Future wishes
01:00:32 Message to the listeners
01:01:13 Outro



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