Hello and welcome to Talking Spirits Podcast #12, the final episode of Season 1.

My guest today is the Portuguese psychotherapist and bassist Nuno Encarnaçāo. I met Nuno about a year ago through the Portuguese singer Diana Silveira and we got along with each other really well and had lots of interesting online conversations. So it was obvious that it would be a great thing to have Nuno as a guest on the show and I am very happy that he immediately agreed to do it.

The conversation you are about to listen to was recorded on 17th of April and we are among many other things discussing Nuno´s love towards the bass and towards music, the Portuguese music scene, how he came to becoming a psychologist, the psychological effects of Covid-19 and the political and societal situation in Portugal nowadays.

We are hoping that you will enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed talking…

Chapter marks:

00:00:00 Intro 
00:01:43 Nuno and the bass 
00:05:45 Returning to playing bass after a long break 
00:08:14 Character traits of bassists 
00:09:50 Nuno and the Blues 
00:11:43 Portuguese music scene and the situation of Portuguese musicians nowadays 
00:17:36 Choosing psychology for a profession 
00:20:54 Psychology & Music 
00:22:44 Situation of young people in nowadays society
00:28:49 Psychological effects of the Covid-19 pandemic 
00:33:07 Political situation in Portugal 
00:41:27 The correlation between the Salazar dictatorship and the nowadays political situation 
00:49:50 Nuno about his native Algarve 
00:56:09 Wishes for the future 
00:57:55 Message to the listeners 
00:59:59 Outro


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