A conversation between Dean Bowman and Armin Alic

Welcome to the Talking Spirits Podcast #14, the first episode of Season 2. My guest today is my dear brother, the American maestro vocalist Dean Bowman.

Dean and I go back a very long time as we met in 2006 on Myspace, after I have been a fan of his for some time already.  In 2007 we founded the band “Little Rock Nine”, and had lots of fun making music together.

While the band went on a hiatus in 2009 when my band Royal Street Orchestra came together and became a focus for me, we are still friends and will definitely do some more music together in the future…

In our conversation we are talking about the impact of Covid-19 on Dean´s life, his “tenure” as the original vocalist of David Fiuczynski´s Screaming Headless Torsos, his very diverse body of work, which includes working together with highly acclaimed musicians such as John Scofield, Don Byron, Lester Bowie and many more, being a vocalist, why Jazz can be a white racist word, and many more highly interesting topics…

Definitely an episode you wanna listen to, if you are into Black Music…


00:00:00 Intro

00:01:36 The impact of Covid-19

00:02:49 First memories of music in life

00:04:09 The decision to go for it as a singer

00:06:43 Screaming Headless Torsos

00:14:25 Wedding in Sarajevo

00:19:41 Working in different musical settings

00:22:50 The music of Ray Charles

00:26:35 Building different characters as a singer

00:33:42 Advice for singers

00:35:12 Jazz (is a white racist word)

00:39:28 Charles Mingus

00:42:39 The art of a-capella solo performance

00:48:09 Traveling

00:50:48 Becoming a father

00:54:02 Current activities

00:55:57 Message to the listeners

00:56:45 Outro


Dean Bowman on Facebook

Black Rock Coalition webpage

Screaming Headless Torsos debut album on Spotify

Dean´s blog post “Father´s Day and the Alic Family”

Dean´s a-capella gospel album “Death don´t have no mercy” on Spotify

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