Hello everyone,

my guest today is the exceptional German metal bassist Linus Klausenitzer.

For a long time already I really like Linus´ fretless work in the progressive death metal band “Obscura” and his other projects.
Back in 2019 we ran into each other at the “Guitar Summit” in Mannheim, Germany and it turned out Linus is not only an amazing bassist, but also a great guy. So, I was very happy when he agreed to join me for a chat.

We are talking about Linus´ beginnings in music, his love for the fretless bass and unusual basses in general, his time in the progressive death metal band “Obscura, how Linus is approaching complex and challenging material, making a living as a metal musician and way more interesting topics.

I really enjoyed this conversation with Linus, and if you are into bass, metal or both, you definitely will as well…


00:00:00 Intro

00:01:45 Effects of the Covid-19 crisis

00:03:43 Beginnings in music and as a bassist

00:08:42 Early influences

00:10:24 Getting into progressive music

00:12:34 Joining Obscura and starting with the fretless bass

00:13:19 Approaching bass in Metal music

00:15:42 Sean Malone (RIP)

00:18:28 Dealing with complex material and practicing

00:24:20 Different aspects of music

00:30:20 Playing extended range and unusual instruments

00:36:08 Obscura

00:41:47  Metal in Egypt

00:46:15  New band: Obsidious

00:50:00 Making a living as a metal musician

00:55:54 Solo-Album

00:57:40 Playing different styles of music

00:59:44 Advice for young musicians

01:05:25 Future plans

01:07:08 Message to the listeners

01:08:48 Outro



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