A conversation between Armin Alić and Mirna Bogdanović

Hello everyone,

my guest today is the Bosnian / Slovenian and Berlin-based jazz vocalist Mirna Bogdanović. 

As I explain in the intro, the circumstances around this episode are a little bit different than usually, and I am very happy that Mirna accepted my invitation. 

We are discussing Mirna´s debut album “Confrontation”, which was released in December of 2020, her upbringing in Slovenia, making the move to Berlin and the Berlin Jazz Scene, and many more interesting topics… 


00:00:00 Intro

00:01:42 Effects of the Covid-19 pandemic

00:04:25 Learning music production techniques

00:08:14 Upbringing and first steps in music

00:11:22 From Classical to Jazz

00:16:03 From Slovenia to Berlin

00:20:43 The new album “Confrontation”

00:26:46 The process of writing music

00:30:43 Working with Choirs and Backing Vocals

00:34:43 About the other musicians on the album

00:38:37 The process of writing lyrics

00:43:14 Album artwork

00:45:51 Portrait of Tracy / Rain

00:48:34 Reception of the album and playing live shows

00:50:55 Future plans

00:52:50 Message to the listeners

00:54:16 Outro


Mirna Bogdanović on Wikipedia

Mirna Bogdanović Official Website

Mirna Bogdanović on Facebook

Mirna Bogdanović on Instagram

Mirna Bogdanović – Rain – Official Video Clip

Mirna Bogdanović Group live at Club Gretchen

Mirna Bogdanović & Povel Widestrand duo performance

Order Mirna´s album “Confrontation” here


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