Hello and welcome to TSP #22,

my guest today is the one of a kind American Blues story teller and musician Big Daddy Wilson.

Wilson and myself have met for the first time a very long time ago, and have been in touch ever since. I am very happy about and grateful for him accepting my invitation to join me for a chat.

We are discussing the Blues, racism and the state of nowadays society, Wilson´s path in music, being a family man and much more…

It´s a very special episode to me and I hope you can enjoy it as much as I do…


00:00:00 Intro

00:01:50 Effects of the Covid-19 crisis

00:04:44 Childhood in Edenton, NC

00:06:42 Beginnings in music

00:08:37 Discovering the Blues

00:11:02 First steps in the music business

00:16:14 Starting a solo career

00:20:47 Friendship and cooperation with Eric Bibb

00:27:59 Wilson´s band

00:31:53 Ain´t no slave

00:35:52 Racism

00:42:45 Being a family man

00:47:19 Future plans

00:49:22 Message to the listeners

00:51:58 Outro


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Big Daddy Wilson – Ain´t no slave – Official video clip

Big Daddy Wilson – I Know – Official video clip

Big Daddy Wilson – Intercity Train – Live in Paris

Big Daddy Wilson – Baby Don´t like – Live in Paris


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