A conversation between Armin Alic and Layla Zoe

Hello and welcome to the 3rd Season of the Talking Spirits Podcast!!!

I am very happy about being able to kick it off with one of a kind Canadian Blues vocalist & artist, and my dear friend Layla Zoe.

Layla and myself have been friends for a very long time now, have played lots of music together and have shared lots of experiences with each other over the years.

So, this is a very long, very honest and very deep episode, where we are discussing living in complex times, strength, empathy, the Blues, Layla´s upcoming album “The world could change”, our life paths as musicians and artists, and way more…

As the Talking Spirits Podcast is a labor of love, there still will be no commercial breaks. I also do not feel like opening a Patreon account any time soon.

But if you like what you are hearing and wish to support the cause, you can do so by sending donations via PayPal to:

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The same e-mail address can also serve you as a way to contact me, if you feel like talking…

Thanks a lot for being with us today, see you again soon!


00:00:00 Intro

00:02:24 Living in uncertain times

00:12:00 Ability to adjust and let go

00:20:19 Empathy and new ideas of life

00:25:37 Strength

00:28:36 Beginnings in music

00:35:19 Dedication to the Blues

00:43:54 New album & cooperation with Henrik Freischlader

00:50:26 Lyrics

00:57:01 Kids of today & Motherhood

01:00:12 Getting older & Family

01:04:08 Power of the mind & Openness

01:18:12 Being a touring musician & an artist

01:42:26 Cons and Pros of Social Media

01:50:06 Music business

02:05:10 5 Short Questions

02:08:23 Essence of The Blues

02:10:47 Message to the listeners

02:12:32 Outro


Layla Zoe Webpage

Layla Zoe pic by Kai Calvato

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